Pest Control - Cats

Outdoor cats have a unique set of needs, not least of which is controlling nasty pests from making your pet's coat their home. 

We can will treat your cat to a bath in our all natural flea and tick control shampoo and conditioner. After bathing we will thoroughly brush your pet with a flea comb to help remove any unwanted critters, and inspect your cat's skin for ticks. Afterwards your pet will be treated to our all natural flea and tick deterrent. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer congue felis tempor mi ultricies hendrerit. Maecenas ligula arcu, congue at bibendum eu, facilisis vel odio. Mauris pellentesque nulla sit amet viverra congue.

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We Make Pets Beautiful & Their People Happy!

  • My Irish wolfhound Porridge loves visiting with all of the wonderful people at Suds & Snouts. She always comes home looking and feeling great!
    - Lesley Murray, Client & Dog Owner